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Historic Vehicle Rego


Historic Vehicles in South Australia operate under a system of Conditional Registration. Incorporated in Section 25 of the Motor Vehicles Act as amended in 1991, the scheme came into operation in February 1992 and allows prescribed vehicles more than thirty years old to be operated without registration fee for a period not to exceed ninety days in one registration year.

To qualify a vehicle must be more than thirty years old and substantially as designed, and the owner must be, and remain, a financial member of a recognized club. From July 1 2017 a rolling 25 years have been passed and vehicles 25 years from today's date may be admitted to the scheme.


Our club abides by strict rules to register historic vehicles and all vehicles are inspected by our club registrars. Basically if your vehicle is not stock as it left the factory, not the dealer, then historic rego is not for you. There are some exemptions from the schemes. Please visit the federation’s website to find out more here

You can contact our club via email for more information here.

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